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to be considereand governments could still approve the nominee to the post. but they hope they're sending a message. >> so what are your thoughts and could or should this ever happen here? wrote, don't we wish. >> we are seeing trends of companies addressing the matter. arehe they willing to put their words into actions? it is become apparent -- the companies and organizations and countries make more money when ere parity on board. the suisse research found that 13% more is what they make when they have parity on board. we talk about binders a issues related to, there are qualified women who can fill these posts. there's a natural gaffetation to hire women like them. we love to see these things happening steside. there's clear remember no assistance. while there's 325 votes to not accept the nomination there were 325 to accept them and 29 people said we are not going to weigh in. there's a cultural shift that happens. in order to push that shift forward, we do need laws and thinkings like this to happen. >> if you are voting against someone in a position because of his sex because he's male, that s
white people who come out to the polls. look who our base is. typically people who need government most have worst turn out records by virtue of income and education. no matter what the election if they want to win. >> i want to consider -- they talk in terms -- we talked about this before the taping but they talk in terms of the ground game with democrats of this point, more offices, more personnel just having much -- >> like the -- >> republicans are spending their money on tv ads and democrats are spending on the ground game which democrats have decided this election is more important. i wonder if the republicans need as big a ground game because they have the churches. they have the pastors at the mega churches all over this country telling their parishioners, their members to go out and vote republican. >> churches are both democrat and republican. >> because they're working their butts off on ground. >> but i would say this for obama he's been campaigning for a year and a half. romney had very tumultuous primary, the president still can't move the needle. we talk about gender gap
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)